Handcrafted in England

Merrily made

We make our unique accessories in Melton Mowbray, England. Produced in small batches, each wallet is handcrafted by our highly skilled, passionate team.

Ethically produced

Our leather is created via a non-toxic natural technique. Our fabric is ethically sourced. We use recycled nylon for stitch strength, the rest is 100% plastic free.

Created for a lifetime

Our pioneering printers have developed techniques that give unparalleled vibrancy and colour durability. Our craftspeople live & breathe bespoke high-end making.

Slow, slow fashion

Our art, word & design brew is often hundreds of years in the making. Created to nourish & inspire unendingly, if it's fashion, it's really, really slow fashion.

The journey of how our wallets & pouches are made

ART WRD leather comes from Tuscany in Italy. It's created using an ancient artisan technique deep rooted in the ‘Leather District’ situated between Florence and Pisa. The area, famed over millennia for producing the finest leather in the world, uses tannins from plants. The 100% natural substances are infused in hot water in wooden barrels - like brewing tea. There are no chemical or toxic additives and tannins are non-toxic to human skin. This method is sustainable with very low environmental impact (unlike more widespread chrome tanning).

The colours of tannins give the leather an unmistakable warm and brilliant shade that becomes more intense with daily use and the passing of time. They also mean the leather matures without corrupting - natural ageing doesn’t diminish its resistance or strength.

The fruits of this traditional Tuscan method are taken to England. In Nottingham we work with pioneering leather printers. They've developed a unique print technique - a trade secret refined over more than 30 years. Artworks are re-created with a process that is closer to tattooing - the ink absorbs deep into the leather. It results in unparalleled colour vibrancy, image quality and colour durability.

It’s a short trip across the Nottinghamshire Wolds to Melton Mowbray where our wallets are handcrafted using traditional techniques. Our wallets are ALL leather (no nylon replacement in the pockets to cut costs...eugh!). Every part is rigorously quality controlled. Access corners are double stitched. The central pocket is leather lined for durability, accessibility, and refinement. In short, ART WRD wallets are designed and tested to last a lifetime.


ART WRD products are ethically created in England to the very highest standard. The natural materials we use mean that there are always variations in texture, finish, and tone. Our wallets are artisan pieces, expertly produced by hand in small batches. No two are absolutely identical - owning an ART WRD wallet means owning something uniquely yours.

What makes an ART WRD?

I. An Artwork

We source a revered, lesser-known artwork.

II. A matching quote

We pair it with a profound literary quote.

III. Combined in an accessory

Art & words are hand crafted together.

IV. You can explore & join

Join your ART WRD's exploration archive.