Our Story

We've designed key accessories to be that 'just right' version of their kind. We've made them properly. Beautifully crafted to last a lifetime. Made in a positive way for both people and the planet. Bright with meaning.
Thank you for joining us.
Oliver and Lucy


People & planet positive accessories

Merrily made

We make our unique accessories in Melton Mowbray, England. Produced in small batches, each wallet is handcrafted by our highly skilled, passionate team.

Ethically produced

Our leather is created via a non-toxic natural technique. Our fabric is ethically sourced. We use recycled nylon for stitch strength, the rest is 100% plastic free.

Created for a lifetime

Our pioneering printers have developed techniques that give unparalleled vibrancy and colour durability. Our craftspeople live & breathe bespoke high-end making.

Slow, slow fashion

Our art, word & design brew is often hundreds of years in the making. Created to nourish & inspire unendingly, if it's fashion, it's really, really slow fashion.