Our Story

ART WRD is what happens when an artist and an editor fall in love.

Editor (he) knew a little about a lot. Artist (she) knew a lot about art (and quite a lot else, too). She introduced him to artists and creative worlds. Things that filled his heart and whirled his brain. He introduced her to words that lifted and amazed her.

A thought struck them.

‘Is there a way to help us all discover and live with creative worlds we love?’

They concluded 'YES!', welcomed two cats into their lives, and created ART WRD. They decided to combine art, words and design to create beautiful things for people to treasure. They would bring art and words into people’s lives in accessible, alternative and compelling ways. 

We live in an increasingly cashless society. A world where we need to declutter, and ensure we live with things we truly love. So a high-quality, deeply meaningful card wallet is the perfect place for ART WRD to begin. And a wonderful way for you to begin your ART WRD journey too.

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Handcrafted in England

Merrily made

We make our unique card holders in Melton Mowbray, England. Produced in small batches, each wallet is handcrafted by our highly skilled, passionate team..

Ethically produced

Our leather is made using an ancient non-toxic natural technique with very low environmental impact. Both packaging and product are 100% plastic free.

Created for a lifetime

Our pioneering printers have developed a technique that 'tattoos' the leather, giving unparalleled vibrancy and colour durability...Find out more

Slow, slow fashion

Our art, word & design brew is often hundreds of years in the making. Created to nourish & inspire unendingly, if it's fashion, it's really, really slow fashion.