Lift Off

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      Future ⸰ Revolution ⸰ New Hope ⸰ Energy

      Handcrafted in England

      ⦁ Triple bonded shower proof twill - incredibly strong

      ⦁ Vegan

      Lift Off is a unique tote bag, a white-hot burst of ‘new’. Its remarkable words, alongside Malevich's trailblazing art, inspire us to leap creatively into the future. They allow us to carry a hope-charged marker - a launch button for Lift Off.

      Comes in a stunning reusable 'Bags Of Ethics' cotton shoulder sling dust bag incorporating the ART WRD Welcome Poem. 

  • The art

    • "Suprematist Composition" by Kazimir Malevich 1915

      Kazimir Malevich pushed beyond Cubism, Picasso and Mattise in his fierce determination to liberate painting from representation into a new abstract realm. If his radical 'resetting of art' painting "Black Square" (created in the same year) is abstraction's Big Bang we can view Suprematist Composition with its thrilling sense of forward creative motion as the universe forming.

      Inside Lift Off is a link to its Exploration Page where you can find out more and sign up to its creative world. 

  • The words

    • "The Union" by William Ellery Channing 1829

      William Channing’s words are an electric accompaniment to Malevich’s artwork. Written in 1829 they now read as a prophetic manifesto for the intellectual, social and cultural developments of the 20th century. Or, simply, as a call to strike with courage and hope for a brighter future. 

      Inside Lift Off is a link to its Exploration Page where you can find out more and sign up to its creative world.

  • Handcrafted in England

    • Details

      Perfect for city days and country aways our Everywhere Tote bag is made for many lives.

       Double handle poppers for security
      ⦁ Large, easy-access internal drop-pocket
      ⦁ Exploration label shows art and words info
      ⦁ Comes in a reusable cotton bag, pictured
      ⦁ Vegan 

      Dimensions: 34 x 43 x 9cm 

      Handle drop: 30cm

      People & planet positive

      We will only ever make products that are positive for people and our planet.

      ⦁ We use recycled nylon for stitch and bond strength. The rest is plastic-free.

      ⦁ Everyone involved in making an ART WRD is paid properly for their skill and expertise.

      ⦁ Our fabric comes through the leading ethical purchasing policy of Manchester's oldest textile supplier.

      Our pioneering printing lasts a lifetime

      In Nottingham, England we work with printing pioneers. Utilizing their specialist procedures, they are able to recreate artworks on novel materials with unparalleled colour vibrancy, image quality and colour durability.

      Our bags are crafted by highly skilled, passionate people

      Just across the Nottinghamshire Wolds in Melton Mowbray, our tote bags are handcrafted in small batches using traditional methods. This, along with the natural variation in these artisan products, means each one is unique. 

      Each bag is triple-stitched at pressure points. Combine this with our triple-bonded shower proof twill and high-quality webbing handles and the result is a bag that, as well as looking remarkable, is immensely strong and durable.

      In short, ART WRD bags are made to inspire you and be loved for a lifetime. 

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