Living Dreams

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      Desire ⸰ Imagination ⸰ Reality ⸰ Meaning

      ⦁ Handcrafted in England

      ⦁ Finest leather adjusts to hold 6 cards

      ⦁ Highly meaningful, thoughtful gift

      Alchemy leather card holder is an explosive cocktail honouring creative chaos. Take the philosopher Nietzsche's words. Mix with Lucy Farley's fizzing painting on the creative process - and BOOM! You have a pocket guide for giving birth to galaxies.

      Comes in a stunning magnetic 'book box' with an exquisite Exploration Card.

  • The art

    • Paul Klee "Cat and Bird" 1928

      The harmonic, geometric figure enters from white - a blank canvas - into the explosive colour, chaos and energy of the studio. Farley's painting is a fresh blast, capturing the wonderful, reeling excitement of creativity and chaos. 

      Inside Alchemy is a link to its Exploration Page where you can find out more and sign up to its creative world.

  • The words

    • Attributed to Jean Cocteau 1889 - 1963

      The words on Alchemy come from Nietzsche’s often misquoted, misrepresented, but fantastically original and hugely influential, philosophical novel.

      The sublime turn of phrase 'dancing star' is representative of the book's qualities. Intense, breathtakingly insightful, enigmatic, absurd, ambigious and filled with humour, parody and passion. 

      These words also encapsulate Nietzsche’s belief that along with order and harmony, chaos and intoxication are essential to producing truly great art.

      Inside Alchemy is a link to its Exploration Page where you can find out more and sign up to its creative world.

  • Handcrafted in England

    • We use the best organic non-toxic leather

      ART WRD wallet leather is created from an ancient Italian technique using 100% natural, non-toxic, tannins from plants. These give the leather an unmistakable warm and brilliant shade that becomes more intense with daily use and the passing of time.

      Our pioneering printing lasts a lifetime

      In Nottingham, England we work with leather printing pioneers. Utilizing their specialist procedures, artworks are re-created like a tattoo, with ink absorbing deeper into the leather, resulting in unparalleled colour vibrancy, image quality and colour durability.

      Our wallets are crafted by highly-skilled, passionate people

      Just across the Nottinghamshire Wolds in Melton Mowbray our card holder wallets are handcrafted in small batches using traditional methods. This, along with the natural variation in these artisan products, means each one is unique. Expertly made to the very highest quality, they are full-leather (no nylon inners), double-stitched at pressure points and then lined with leather for durability, accessibility, and refinement.

      In short, ART WRD card holder wallets are made to inspire you and be loved for a lifetime.

      Wallet size

      ⸰ Card holder wallets are 97x70mm

      ⸰ High-quality leather adjusts to hold up to 6 credit cards or equivalent in 3 separate sections

      (for example: 4 credit cards + 1 driving licence + a few tickets, loyalty cards etc.)

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